Every year the Haines PTO fills boxes of delicious holiday cookies for all our wonderful teachers and staff. It's a fantastic tradition! Please sign-up to help and be a part of the holiday spirit! THANKS!

Contribute to Haines PTO every time you shop for the things you need or want.

Shop at the 1700+ stores you already know. A percentage of what you spend is donated to Haines PTO (on average 3%). The stores pay for it all. You never pay more, and sometimes you pay less with coupons and deals.

It's called

Executive Board 2016-17

PTO Meetings:

PTO meetings alternate between morning and evening and are held in the Haines LRC.

  • October 24, 6 PM
  • November 18, 9 AM
  • December 12, 6 PM

Other Important Dates: